algimiro cesarinoCELLOMANO – Cellist Algimiro Cesarino began his musical studies at the Conservatory Juan Manuel Olivares in Caracas, Venezuela, at the age of seven. He continued his studies at the Conservatory Simon Bolivar, and joined Symphony Orchestra of Nueva Esparta. He has performed extensively internationally, including concerts with Musikschule der Stadt Linz in Austria and with Camerata Salzburg in Spain. Algimiro is currently based in Bali, where he studies traditional Indonesian music (karawitan). His has been colaborating and performing around Indonesia with locals artist such well known musician ‘Rizal & Rasendriya’ included concerts in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surakarta, and Bali. He combines his classical music training with his own lyrical style using a looper, creating haunting polyphonic melodies in solo performance.

In March 2015 Algimiro released his first solo album, Cellomano – That Tree, and will continue his concert tour in Australia later this year.



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